About us

Small Beginnings

About us

Since its inception, Tea break has only been welcomed by every community and age group in Dubai. From one to ten, and soon multiplying to many busy corners of UAE, our success is merely the reward for passion and nobility that has come to us from our founders and well-wishers.

Our Story

Founded by Mr Shahaban in the year 2013, Tea break had its 1st branch set up in Shahama, Abu Dhabi. Born and brought up in Calicut with the lingering fragrance of Malabari Sulaimani and the cult business culture of a growing city, the passion for Tea break was always in him. Shahaban moved to Abu Dhabi after his graduation and joined his family business in the electronics and hospitality industry.

While in the Emirates, Shahaban noticed an immense potential in Abu Dhabi for a joint for tea lovers. Shahaban decided to give an edge to his love for tea and start his new venture, thereby setting up the 1st Tea Break cafe in his very own neighborhood in Shahama, Abu Dhabi. The brand was thus born and there was no turning back after.

Continuous improvement through innovative practices was the culture embarked in the organization since its inception. The brand has a rigorous focus on quality and customer experience. The newly evolved menu imbibes only in-house, manufactured buns, meat etc. Blended with great ambience and pleasant interiors, Tea break is now not just a tea lover’s abode, but also a great hangout spot of the young and old.

Our Vision and Mission

Tea break’s tea comes from all over the world. Fine varieties of white, black, green and oolong tea imported from tea havens of the world; India, Sri Lanka, Japan and China. But the fine brewing comes from us. Tea made in our well-kept sculleries is dried in the traditional way, instead of machine processing. This holds the strength, colour, flavour and qualities of tea leaves and helps us make you that sinful cup of tea you have been longing for.

Our visionaries have a no-compromise policy when it comes to quality. And that is the biggest spine behind our success. Our customers are our biggest asset and our ideologies frame from the commitment to serve right and best.

Our mission is to expand further to Middle East, setting up at least 6 to 10 outlets a year. With an aggressive expansion strategy, our management is all set to take Tea break up as a global brand.

Our presence

After the establishment of Tea Break in Shahama, the need for more outlets soon became evident. A year later, we set up two more outlets in Abu Dhabi; Hameem and Musa‘ah. By 2015, two more branches were launched at Nadisiya and Airport road. In 2016 we brought out the 6th branch in Abu Dhabi at Hamdan and launched Tea Break's milestone in expansion by setting foot in Dubai. Presently, Karama and JLT boast of Tea Break's branches in Dubai.

Today, with many outlets spread across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Tea Break has become a renowned brand in the two emirates and plans on further expanding and establishing its presence in the other emirates as well.

Our Success

The success behind our venture is our team and staffs who have worked hard enough to make Tea Break the most sought spot in Abu Dhabi. With the excellent training provided in service, our staffs are well-equipped to manage any situation.

We believe in consistency throughout and that is why we provide core team training so that the quality is consistent across all outlets of Tea Break. And we value cleanliness and hygiene and that will always be one of the main priorities.

Our staffs are based across the globe and include people who are well-versed in multiple languages for the ease of your communication. At Tea Break you will experience a service that is actually a character embedded in our staff — a caring, gracious family of service professionals sharing warmth, genuineness and heart. Staff at Tea Break strives together to deliver the best hospitality experience in town. The dishes prepared at Tea Break has been selected and prepared by chefs who are masters and well experienced in the preparation of these mouth-watering dishes. Each item on our menu is hand-made with love from our very kitchen so that you only get the best!.